Make your clients feel awesome!

Fuseboard gives you the tools to manage your client relationships and stay organized.

All together in a unified view

Fuseboard delivers a client-centric profile view for everything related to a client. From one consolidated view, keep track of projects, follow deals or access a document library.

Diverse and natural communication

Your team can connect via the web, the mobile app or just by email. Your clients interact with your team via your client portal or simply by using email.

Keep clients happy and in the loop

Share the updates, documents and tasks that matter to your clients. Your clients won't have to learn how to use your specialized software. Instead, Fuseboard gives them a simple view so they get the information in the form they need. Also, clients can send requests via email and the whole conversation is loaded into Fuseboard.


Transform your portal to match your brand by adding your own CSS.

Documents & Files

Reduce email by uploading and sharing documents with clients.

Easy access, anywhere

Collaborate with your clients on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Control access

Decide what is shared and who should have access.

Handle your client requests with ease.

Clients can send requests through email or the client portal. Your team works on the requests through an elegantly simple board.

All the features you need.

Everything you need to engage clients to keep them smiling.

  • Unified News Feed

    View all the important activities from one page.

  • Documents & Files

    Store contracts, proposals, images and spreadsheets.

  • Ticket Templates

    Create reusable templates for your tickets, which you can use for routine business or to establish a process for your team.

  • Labels

    Organize your tickets with custom colored labels.

  • Notes

    Post important notes or updates.

  • Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

    Attach files from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

  • Comments & Likes

    Comment on and like updates, documents, comments and tasks.

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