Closing deals made simple

Fuseboard is working tirelessly to simplify and optimize the tools you need to run your organization.

Visually organize your deals

Using the deals board, you can effortlessly manage your deals.

Elegant, useful insights

Key metrics are woven into the fabric of the interface, making forecasts and results available at your fingertips. How does my deal's forecast look? How much business did we win this quarter? Get these answers in a snap!

One unified view

Add updates, proposals and events to keep your team on track to win each deal. Fewer emails need to be sent, and everyone is on the same page.

Smooth transition

Once you win a deal, quickly create a project, assign a team and get started!

Kate wins the deal, a project and tasks are automatically created, and the team is assigned.

All the features you need

Everything your team needs to manage and win more deals.

  • Tasks

    Manage and assign tasks for your deals.

  • Documents & Files

    Upload spreadsheets, agreements and other documents.

  • Notes

    Post important notes or updates.

  • Membership

    Decide who should be part of the team.

  • Deal Templates

    Create reusable templates for your deals, such as this abebooks coupon which you can use for routine business or to establish a process for your team.

  • Labels

    Organize your deals with custom colored labels.

  • Unified News Feed

    View all the important activities from one page.

  • Google Drive & Dropbox Integration

    Attach files from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

  • Deals Pipeline

    Set up the stages in your pipeline that make sense for your organization. Just getting started? Fuseboard creates stages based on best practices.

  • Calendar

    Schedule events with your team or contacts.

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